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Dedication & Credits

 I would like to dedicate this site to 2 people that have meant a lot to me. First and foremost to my father, Harold Schmitz (1915–1999) and Jan’s grandmother, Grand Ma Ann (1902–1988).

To Dad, Thanks for teaching me!  You taught me everything, about life, family, work ethic and fixing things.  All I had to do was listen and watch!!  I miss you lots!!

To Grandma Ann, You were the Grandmother I never had!!

There are several people I want to mention and owe some credit to, they are,

  • My wife Jan and daughter Nicole for watching patiently while I spent so many hours on the computer and  for listening to me talk about “dead people”!!
  • My 2 sons Jim and Mike, Jim for purchasing the web address and Mike for helping me get everything into an HTML format.
  • My brother Bruce and his wife Kathy, they bought me my first copy of Legacy Family Tree.  They are the real blame for all this.
  • My sister Lynn, being the oldest (she may not like that word) she helped with sorting out names and putting parents with children.
  • Paul Breit & Rita Kehoe, They provided most of the information that I have on the BREITREITER’s and all their branches.  Keep up the search you two!!  Your priceless!!

To everyone, I cant thank you enough!!

Dale Schmitz



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