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I have very little information on the Hermes Family. I know that Anna G. Hermes married Anton Schmitz about 1880.  According to the 1900 Census she was born in Wisconsin and her parents were born in Germany. When Peter and the family came over they settled south of Milwaukee, WI. They first lived in the small town of "Town of Lake, WI". Later they lived in Franklin, WI south west of Milwaukee.  I am assuming that they (the Hermes family) lived in that area.  Their oldest child Arthur was born in Illinois. So they were in Illinois for about 19 years.

I have a note that looks to be in dad’s handwriting that lists several sisters of Anna Hermes.  They are Josephine, Anna, Elizabeth and August.  I have the 1900 census record of Josephine being married to Michael Palm about 1877.  Again the census shows that both parents were born in Germany and she was born in Wisconsin.  In 1900 Josephine was 43 years old.  Which means that she and Anna’s parents were in Wisconsin from at least 1856 on?  One other note on Josephine, her and Michael Palm were married in Cook County 4/22/1877.

I have found no records for either parent, August or Elizabeth in Wisconsin or Illinois.




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