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Hi and welcome to our web site.  My name is Dale H. Schmitz.  I am both the creator of this site and the compiler of all the information contained within.

This site covers the family legacy of my parents and my wife Janet M. Schmitz (Novotny) parents.  The names involved here are Schmitz, Kasprowicz, Novotny and Cortopassi, with many branches.

My parents are Harold J. Schmitz and Loretta A. Kasprowicz.  The Schmitz name was relative easy name to search and the family stayed basically in Wisconsin and Illinois.  I had a good start because my Dad remembered or knew of many of the old family names.  Information received from him as well as some notes received from his brother Lee Schmitz put me on a fast track.  My mother’s side was a little different.  My first problem was they changed their name from Kasprowicz to Casper.  Once through that hurdle really had no one to get information from.  My Mom was the youngest of 12 children.  I knew all my uncles and aunts but by the time I got involved with this hobby all had passed.  With the help of some cousins and notes Mom kept I soon started putting the pieces together.  I must add at this point, a large portion of the information obtained about the Breitreiter side (Moms Mother) was received for 2 special people, Paul Breit and Rita Kehoe.  Please view my credits to them in the reference section of this site.

As for Janet’s side, her Father Glen Novotny, has been a big help in getting me started down the right road with the Novotny name.  There has not been a lot of information that I have found but dad has given me enough to keep things interesting.  From what I can tell all four of his grandparents immigrated to this country. The Cortopassi side has not been as fruitful.  Jan’s mom, Lois R. Cortopassi was an only child and passed away in 1989.  Both of Lois’s parents are desiced, with her mother dieing while she was quite young.  Lois spent her school years at Moose Heart Academy.  Lois has 2 stepbrothers and a stepsister.  I have received information from them about the Cortopassi’s and have been able to document some interesting information.  As mentioned this is the more challenging side of this work and the information has been slow in coming but as many of you know it is always “a work in progress”.

I welcome you to look around browse all the pages and feel free to return again and again.  I have tried to portray the information as accurately as possible.  If by chance you find some information that is not correct or wish to add something please use the “Contact Us” button and let me know your thoughts.

May you have good luck fishing,

Dale & Janet Schmitz



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